Emma and Mark Alternative Modular Homes

We realise that homelessness is on the increase  across Toowoomba that is affecting people from all walks of life. Our team at Alternative Modular homes want to do our part in help house, feed and clothe the vulnerable. So we have signed up to sleep out.

Tanya Miller

After participating in Homeless for a night last year words can’t express how much of an impact it made on me.

To be able to participate again this year and raise my goal amount would honestly be amazing!




Taleah and Alana

Working in the homeless sector with youth, we are both passionate about supporting our local homeless community. Having the opportunity to help the Base Services to continue their practical assistance for our homeless community is something we encourage everyone to support.

Trevor Watts MP

Nat and Tiff at the Basement Soup Kitchen Coordinator work very hard to raise awareness of homelessness and also much needed funds for the Basement soup kitchen to continue to provide assistance and support to people in need in our community including:

  • Lunchtime meals
  • Backpack beds and blankets for people experiencing homelessness
  • Hygiene packs and towels
  • Food packs
  • Clothing
  • Employment and training programs
  • Advocacy, support and a listening ear
  • Referrals

More than ever the Basement Soup Kitchen needs your help to provide assistance and support to the growing number of people experiencing homelessness and the many men, women and children who have been negatively impacted by COVID -19 and are struggling to pay their rent or put food on the table.


We are going Homeless for a night :

  • To help care for the community
  • Raise funds to help the Homeless
  • Help keep Soup Kitchen
  • Provides Employment for the homeless
  • Experiencing Homelessness
  • Community involvement
  • To raise awareness towards the homeless crisis in Toowoomba

Heather Roberts – Vulnerable Communities CNC @ Toowoomba Hospital ,DDHHS

My aim is raise money and awareness of the homeless situation here in Toowoomba.

Health and wellbeing begins with having a place of safety and shelter. I will be feeling vulnerable, cold and uncomfortable for one night. I ask of those who have a safe place to call home to consider what it feels like to be without.

What about going without that daily coffee or daily snack and instead donate to this page. We can all make a difference and improve the health and wellbeing of OUR COMMUNITY.

Please help support those in need.

Many Thanks


Noah Spary

I am going homeless because 2 out of 5 people experiencing homelessness are children and young people just like me.

Some of my friends whom I go to (or use to)  go to school, youth or play footy with are or have experienced homelessness due to their families just not being able to find a house in this tight rental market, or maybe as a result of other issues like illness, abuse, or domestic violence.

These people need our help, so I am sleeping out to bring awareness and help raise funds for the Basement Soup Kitchen

Thanks for your support