Brendon Huybregts

Homelessness doesn’t discriminate.

Homelessness is the responsibility of everyone in the community!

Too many families are only a couple paycheques away from being homeless. I am sleeping out to raise awareness for a growing concern in my community.

We think of homelessness as sleeping on the streets. It can be living out of your car, it could be sleeping on somebody’s couch…. It could be you!

Jazzy Lane Hair Studio Team

Gay and the Jazzy Lane Hair Studio team are very passionate about supporting our community. This is Gay’s fourth year supporting this cause. As Gay is an advocate for the Hairdressers With Hearts program and Project Manager in the Hair Aid program that provides haircuts for those in need in Toowoomba. Click my link to donate and show your support!

Anna Reeves

I am aware of my own privilege but I think participating will give me good perspective for it and how it would feel to be homeless.  I know a lot of people who have had lived experience with homelessness and it is heartbreaking.

I have wanted to participate in the sleepout with Nat for the last few years but had little kids at home but now my kids are old enough to leave at home with their dad. I’m also inspired by my friend, Amanda Pearl, who is participating in the sleepout this year too.

Homelessness is a real and obvious problem that seems to be consistently ignored and should be resolved.  I think this is a good way for me to start to help and contribute.  My participation would raise awareness amongst my friends and family and create a talking point.  I have some idea of what happens from speaking with others who have done the sleepout.


Mia & Lyndal (Browns Aqua Systems)

Mia – I am participating this year because it is awful to think that many others are forced to sleep on the streets every night, especially in winter. So it is a way to portray compassion and raise funds for those not as fortunate and privileged as myself and others.

Lyndal – I participated in the sleep out last year and to be honest it was a mild August night compared to most, however, I was so cold and did not get much sleep at all.  I don’t know how people do it.  For one night I would like to raise awareness and funds for those less fortunate, and hopefully one day no one will sleep homeless.