Hair Aid

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Raising funds for: Homeless for a Week

About the Campaign

As many of you know one of my real passion for supporting others to create a life free from poverty.

Hair Aid has been in my life for 10 years now, and many of your know that I work overseas with people living on the street, or slum communities, or with ladies rescued from the sex trade and prostitution gangs, teaching five basic haircuts.  This skill can then be used to start a micro-business and create an income to support themselves and their families.

But there’s another side of Hair Aid that is just as important and is growing and growing here in Australia. Hair Aid Community Cuts.  This is where volunteer hairdressers work with organisations in their local community that support those in our own communities that need a hand.  Our teams work with community groups, charities, government organisations and/or church groups that support homeless, domestic violence sufferers, migrants or those just in suffering at a time of crisis. Our teams provide free haircuts, for 2 – 3 hours every six weeks at their local Hair Aid Community Cuts event. We have more than 85 locations operating in Australia.

As COVID19 continues to impact, many families are doing it tough. People have lost their jobs. People’s incomes have been slashed. More people are living on the street. The increase in homelessness in the last three months been extraordinary. And where do you turn to when you have these hard times fall upon you?

There are so many organisations in Australia that we work with and one of them and I’m really proud to be associated with is the Base Services in Toowoomba.  This incredible group of people continually support people in need in the community with hot food, support, clothes, bedding, hygiene resources, schooling, spiritual and mental well-being help. But they can’t do it alone. This year I am the speaker at their annual homeless sleepout breakfast. I’ll be sharing the story of Hair Aid, but just as importantly I’ll be sharing the increase in homelessness that is affecting our communities globally. I’ll also be sleeping out overnight. Also to raise awareness, but also to raise vital funds.

You see many of our homeless friends on the street don’t have sleep in swags. They’re sleeping in the cold, on concrete, in parks, with no protection from the weather. And right now it’s freezing.  I’m aiming to raise $1000. This will provide five swags.  And I’d like to call on you for some help. I know times are tough. And I know that we don’t know what the future holds. But right now, right this second, people need our help, they’re out sleeping in the freezing weather. I’ve only got two weeks to raise these funds, so I’m hoping we can do it and do it well. If you can please donate. I’ll be posting along the way, especially on the sleepover night. Looking forward to your support.