Houston, We Have a Problem.

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  • $600 Goal
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About the Campaign

housten, we have a problem.

We’re participating in Homeless for a night because we want to see change. We’re doing this to make difference in the community, no matter how small – it all counts.

We see on the daily how big the issue of homelessness in Tooowoomba is and we’re fundraising for the cause and participating in the sleep out because it needs to be done.

Through work and personal experiences we understand just how terrible the trauma of living without a home can affect a human, not just physically but mentally and emotionally.

We hope that through money everybody raises and the effort that we put into fixing this issue – that us as a community can all come together and tackle this one good deed at a time.

Turn a trickle of water into a river and get as many friends on board and help us give the effort and funds to get people in our communities lives back who are living on the streets!

thanks for reading guys, we hope you help us get to our fundraising goal!

Big love,

Bindi, Ethan and Kenn xx