James Farr/Vahlia

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About the Campaign

Heping people in whatever way I can has always been something I’ve strived to do, and all honesty believe that  Joe Strummer said it best when he said without people you’re nothing. I was involved in raising funds for the basement back in 2006 with my old van third floor antics And would love the opportunity to help not only the basement again but also the homeless community in Toowoomba.Vahlia As a band always try to give back and help out in anyway that we can for Toowoomba. As much as the whole band would love the opportunity to go out and spend a night out on the street’s,  i’m the only one that able to apply this year. As family commitments and work commitments  have made the other two unable to physically attend. I always try to find the local soup kitchen when ever I’ve been touring with other bands trying to find ways to help or even just sit down and have a chat give somebody somebody to talk to regardless  if our application is successful we would like to offer to help in anyway that we can to help both basement and the homeless community in Toowoomba. I thank you for your time and and I hope this years homeless for a week is a great success.

James Farr and Vahlia