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About the Campaign

I have always naively thought homelessness was something that only really happened in the large cities.. not something that was happening in our very own backyard. I then also learnt that there was an increasing rate of homelessness in women 50 years and older. The thought of women, especially this age spending nights alone in a dark building, under a bridge or even in their car horrifies me.

I recently read of Kath’s story on facebook, who is unfortunately one those in this exact situation, and through no fault of her own. My mother is in her 50’s so I suppose this hits home even more when you read how Kath lives her days and nights in her car in Toowoomba. I know as a woman we can feel helpless and vulnerable.. I want to be able to help women who have to live every day like this in any way I can.

Often when you find out that things like this are happening you feel powerless, like there is nothing you can do to help. I am thankful for Base Services and the awareness ‘Homeless for a Night’ can raise for these people in Toowoomba. I wish to play my part by coming along and helping to raise this awareness.